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In-office treatment for Spine Compression Fractures In 1 Hour (786) 500-LEGS. Covered By Most Insurance. Vertebral Augmentation Interventional Radiologist Doctor. Get Near Instant and Sustained Relief. Aventura Clinic.
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Vertebral Repair
For Spine Compression Fractures

Relief from Painful Compression Fractures in 1 Hour

“A spinal compression fracture, also know as osteoporotic compression fracture can be a disabling, life-changing event.  It doesn’t have to be anymore…”

Back Pain is never normal and is often associated with Osteoporosis


Back pain is not just part of getting older.  If you’re over 55, back pain can be a sign of tiny cracks in your vertebrae, the bones that make up the spine.  These spine fractures tend to strike people with weakened, brittle bones, which is an abnormal condition called osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis commonly affects postmenopausal women, but it also can affect older men. Osteoporosis can be quite advanced before people know they have it, and often a spine fracture is the first clue.  When osteoporosis is advanced, simple things like missing a step or slipping, a fall or even a coughing fit can lead to a spine fracture!

Risk factors for Osteoporosis

  • Race: white or Asian have higher risk
  • Age: women over 50
  • Weight: lower weight is associated with higher risk
  • Early menopause
  • Smoking


GW400H400kyphosis posture

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Preventing Compression Fractures


  • Bisphosphonate drugs (e.g. Fosamax, Actonel, others)
  • Forteo – a synthetic hormone that stimulates bone growth
  • Evista, and estrogen-like medication that slows bone loss
  • Reclast – annual infusion thought to reduce fractures
  • Hormone replacement therapy


Treating Compression Fractures


  • Non-surgical
    • Immobilization with back brace for up to 3 months
    • Pain management with analgesics
    • Bedrest
    • Osteoporosis treatment with medications


  • Minimally invasive
    • Vertebroplasty
    • Kyphoplasty


  • Surgical – Spine fusion surgery

There are several options for treating compression fractures.  Unfortunately, up to 2/3 of people with a new compression fracture are not treated promptly or at all, often given instructions to take over the counter analgesics like Advil or Tylenol and “take it easy”.  When this happens, the fracture can progress from a slight deformity to a vertebral collapse or wedge compression deformity.  This often leads to a deformity called “kyphosis” or a stooped over posture.

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