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Vivid Vascular provides patients with the highest quality vascular care – whether that’s through our state-of-the-art cath lab and vascular surgery suite, or staying abreast of the newest treatments and equipment.
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Miami Frozen Shoulder Embolization Specialists

Are you suffering with Frozen Shoulder Issues and are looking for relief from your symptoms? Are you losing hope for returning to a life without pain? We at Vivid Vascular in Miami are using the innovative and minimally invasive procedure of Frozen Shoulder Embolization, An Outpatient, surgery free option for Frozen Shoulder Relief.

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Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition characterized by pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion in the shoulder. It typically progresses through stages of pain, followed by stiffness, and eventually a gradual improvement in symptoms. Treatment options for frozen shoulder has been limited to pain management, physical therapy, and corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation. In some cases, surgical interventions like manipulation under anesthesia or shoulder arthroscopy has been considered. But thanks to several novel and minimally invasive procedures, patients can now get relief much sooner.

How We Treat Frozen Shoulder

At Vivid Vascular we are able to treat patients who do not find relief with conservative treatment with a minimally invasive procedure called frozen shoulder embolization.

Embolization procedures, which are already performed to treat many other conditions, are now seen as a promising solution for frozen shoulder. Imaging studies show that frozen shoulders are highly vascularized. This excess of abnormally large blood vessels allows pro-inflammatory mediators to enter the tissue and cause abnormal scarring and inflammation. Frozen shoulder embolization works by blocking abnormal blood vessels, inflammation subsides and scar formation is reduced. As a result, patients feel less pain and achieve a greater range of motion.

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Why Vivid Vascular?

With a focus on patient comfort and safety, Vivid Vascular’s low-volume, boutique-style medical facility caters to the diagnosis and treatment of medical and cosmetic vascular disorders. Founded by Dr. Adam Gropper, Vivid Vascular takes a comprehensive approach to the treatment of a broad range of vascular conditions — including the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technology — in a calm, soothing atmosphere. Unlike the hospital environment, each patient at Vivid Vascular receives individualized attention from our professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff. Our patient-centric attitude ensures that our patients receive the best care available.

What Is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a condition that causes pain in your shoulder. This pain usually prevents you from moving your arm, and the related lack of movement can lead to stiffness and even a loss of mobility. Also known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder is usually caused by inflammation. The capsule of the shoulder joint has ligaments that hold the shoulder bones to each other. When the capsule becomes inflamed, the shoulder bones are unable to move freely in the joint.

Normally it is one of the most mobile joints in the body. When the shoulder is frozen, the joint has become stuck and its movement is limited.

The condition is relatively common, affecting two to five percent of the general population. Although it can affect anyone, it most frequently affects women over the age of 55.

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What Causes Frozen Shoulder?

The exact causes of this condition are unknown, however, physicians have identified certain risk factors which can lead to a person developing frozen shoulder. Based on these known risk factors, the disease is classified as:

Primary Adhesive Capsulitis

This type has a subtle and gradual onset, usually arising spontaneously. It is often found in people with other conditions, notably diabetes mellitus, type I diabetes, thyroid disease, many autoimmune disorders, and heart disease.

Secondary Adhesive Capsulitis

This type develops after an injury or trauma to the shoulder. Common injuries that can lead to frozen shoulder include fractures, surgery, rotator cuff tears, and immobilization.

Researchers believe the condition results from inflammation and abnormal scar formation. Initially, there is inflammation within the shoulder joint that causes pain. The body then reacts to this inflammation by forming scar tissue, which causes stiffening of the shoulder joint.

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Frozen Shoulder Symptoms

Your doctor can diagnose you with frozen shoulder based on symptoms alone. These symptoms are fairly specific, occur in phases, and include the following:

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Phase 1: Pain

Patients usually report sudden onset of diffuse shoulder pain that gets worse with time. In the beginning, the pain is worse at night and with movement, but it then becomes noticeable even during rest. This phase lasts two to nine months.

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Phase 2: Freezing

As the pain slowly dwindles, the symptoms of shoulder “freezing” gradually worsen. Patients start to notice they are less and less able to move their shoulders in all directions. Daily activities can become more difficult to carry out as time goes on. This phase usually lasts four to 12 months.

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Phase 3: Thawing

Also called the recovery phase, patients may notice a gradual return of their range of motion. Most patients notice a complete return of their strength and range of motion, although symptoms do not fully resolve in some. This phase usually lasts 12 to 24 months. The pain due to frozen shoulder is usually dull and aching, while the stiffness is so severe that simple arm movements become impossible.

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Diagnosis and Treatment

Frozen shoulder can be diagnosed by looking at signs, symptoms, and patient history.

To diagnose frozen shoulder, physicians ask the patient to try and move their arms from both shoulders in different directions. They will also try to move the patient’s arms. Usually, pain and stiffness prevent a full physical exam, and the limited mobility is the same with active and passive motion. The most limited movement is the external rotation of the affected shoulder.

Patients usually don’t need to undergo laboratory or imaging testing. To rule out other conditions when necessary, doctors may refer patients to a shoulder x-ray or similar tests.

In most cases, the condition spontaneously resolves on its own after 18 to 30 months. In that time, treatment is mainly focused on easing symptoms and includes NSAIDs, physical therapy, oral corticosteroids, and surgery for recurring cases

If you have started experiencing any of these symptoms, we will help you find relief:

  1. Free Consultation Call Us to speak with a physician
  2. Arrange for a visit with a physician for a comprehensive evaluation and to discuss the best treatment options for you.
  3. Schedule the Procedure – the appropriate procedure will be performed in this office by an experienced professional.

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Dr. Adam S. Gropper - Vein & Vascular Doctor in North Miami & Kendall

Frozen Shoulder Embolization Specialist in Miami

Dr. Adam Gropper is a board-certified Diagnostic & Interventional Radiologist. Before undertaking his medical training, Dr. Gropper was an engineer at General Dynamics Corporation, working on various projects including cruise missile guidance systems, “Star Wars” strategic defense simulations, and others. He is a lifelong “techie,” and has always been an early adopter and innovator of new technologies in treating vascular problems with minimally invasive approaches.

Dr. Gropper received his M.D. from Emory University, where he also completed his residency and fellowship training in Vascular & Interventional Radiology. He has been practicing in Florida since 1999. He has served as an Associate Professor at FIU Medical School and recently retired from his position as Chief of Radiology at Jackson North Medical Center after 10 years of service.

It has been Dr. Gropper’s lifelong dream to have his own office-based practice where he could spend plenty of time taking care of his patients in a high tech, patient-centered atmosphere of his own design. He created Vivid Vascular to do exactly that. With his new state-of-the-art cath lab, he has been able to provide complete care by being able to perform procedures in his areas of expertise in the office, ensuring the best and most comfortable care for each patient. He has performed thousands of vascular procedures on the arterial and venous systems, and has many years of experience in uterine fibroid embolization and pelvic pain issues, hemorrhoid & prostate embolization, interventional oncology, biopsies, spine interventions and dialysis interventions.

“It’s been so rewarding to build this state-of-the-art practice centered around my patients’ needs,” said Dr. Gropper. “I love seeing my patients walk out the door happy and healthier.”

Dr. Gropper and his wife Kari live in Miami Shores. They have three children and spend their leisure time boating, fishing, snow skiing and traveling.

Benefits of Frozen Shoulder Embolization

If you have tried conservative approaches but have failed to find relief or your condition recurs, there are many benefits to frozen shoulder embolization:

  • Minimally invasive outpatient procedure
  • Performed under local anesthesia with minimal scarring
  • Suitable for most patients, even with chronic health conditions
  • Symptom improvement in 80 to 85 percent of all cases
  • Safe with very few side effects
  • Recovery takes place within a couple of days
  • May be covered by insurance in some cases
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Our Experience At Vivid Vascular

Dr. Adam Gropper is a board-certified Diagnostic & Interventional Radiologist. This experience is valuable in the Frozen Shoulder Embolization procedure since it is minimally invasive and utilizes imaging to ensure proper treatment.

Vascular & Interventional Radiologist with 20 years of experience. Skilled in all aspects of Interventional Radiology, Aesthetic Medicine and hospital-based Radiology services. Ten years of experience in healthcare administration & management, including serving as Chair of Radiology at multiple hospitals. Over ten years experience as in solo medical practice at Vivid Vascular.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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What To Do Now:

Often when we see patients they’ve been told “you just have to live with it.” Well, in most cases, that just isn’t so. With our deep understanding and knowledge, we’re able to help people who have often been labeled as untreatable.

Dr. Gropper uses minimally invasive, image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat using the latest technology. Our goal is to minimize patient risk while improving health outcomes.

We welcome your questions and want to understand the situation and goals relating to your health. So call our Naples Hemorrhoid Clinic at (305) 957-7277 or simply fill out the form on this page to ask a question or schedule an appointment. Your form will be directly emailed to us for a quick reply, within 1 business day and often within hours the same day, sometimes even in just minutes! All information is confidential.

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