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Vivid Vascular provides patients with the highest quality vascular care – whether that’s through our state-of-the-art cath lab and vascular surgery suite, or staying abreast of the newest treatments and equipment.
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vivid vascular miami

Experience Our Difference

At Vivid Vascular, we work hard to make sure our patients get the highest quality vascular care available anywhere – whether that’s through our state-of-the-art cath lab and surgical suite, or staying abreast of the newest treatments and equipment. We will treat your vascular issue and help you get back to living your life as a healthy and active individual.


Often when we see patients, they’ve been told they “just have to live with it.” Well, in most cases, that just isn't so. With our deep understanding and knowledge of vascular conditions, we’re able to help people who have often been labeled as untreatable.


Dr. Gropper uses minimally invasive, image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat vascular diseases using the latest technology. Our goal is to minimize patient risk while improving health outcomes.


We combine our expertise with the latest technology in our state-of-the-art cath lab to ensure that our patients are given the highest level of care. Our approach gets patients back on their feet with less risk, less pain, and less recovery time.

“People are often told there is nothing they can do about their leg swelling and veins except learn to live with them. But that is almost never the case. Vein disease is actually quite easy to treat – and can often be eliminated. We can help you.”
Dr. Adam Gropper

We Specialize In

Varicose Veins

Thanks to major advances in vascular technology over the last few years, you no longer have to live with unsightly, unhealthy, and sometimes painful varicose veins.

Vein Therapy

We offer a range of treatments for spider veins, as well as veins in the face and hands. All procedures are outpatient and done in-office using the latest technology.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

This serious condition occurs when a blood clot forms in one or more of the deep veins, usually in your legs, and can create a pulmonary embolism, which can be fatal.

Peripheral Artery Disease

PAD occurs when plaque builds up along the wall of an artery, causing a progressive thickening of the artery’s lining, and ultimately restricting blood flow and causing pain.

Pelvic Pain / Bleeding

Pelvic pain and uterine bleeding are common conditions from which millions of women suffer. Dr. Gropper offers help and hope to women for two of the most common causes.

Male Infertility / Scrotal Pain

Male infertility caused by a varicose veins in the scrotum – called a varicoceles – is a common occurrence, affecting approximately 10 percent of all men. The condition can lead to infertility and pain.

Dedicated to Excellence

At Vivid Vascular, we know that staying on the leading edge of technology is critical to giving our patients the best care possible. So in addition to being at the forefront of vascular techniques, we have also designed and developed a state-of-the-art cath lab / operating room that offers the most advanced diagnostic technology and treatment options available today. This allows us to give our patients full venal services of the highest quality, in-office with no hospital stay required. Read more.


Are you ready to get your life back? Well, we’re ready to help. Reach out today and get started.