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Hand Veins

What Do Your Hands Say About You?

As we age, the veins on the backs of our hands often become more prominent – sometimes appearing bulging or ropey. This is because the skin on the back of our hands get thinner as we get older, which means the veins become more noticeable.


While prominent veins don’t usually cause any physical problems, they can add years to your appearance. Fortunately, these surface veins can be safely and effectively eliminated using sclerotherapy, leaving you with significantly younger looking hands.

hand veins
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With sclerotherapy, we inject a special solution directly into the vein using a fine needle. The solution seals off the veins and causes the blood to be redirected to other veins. The sealed-off veins are eventually absorbed by the body.



In addition to sclerotherapy, we may also recommend using a dermal filler to help restore youthful “plumpness” to your hands.

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