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Spider Veins

Dare to Go Bare Again!

Are you tired of hiding your unsightly spider veins under layers of clothing? Or are you embarrassed about the veins on your face? Well, fear not – help is here.


Spider veins are those small, colored veins located close to the surface of your skin. They are typically located on your legs and thighs, as well as on your face and neck.

Most people seek treatment for spider veins for cosmetic reasons, but when located on the legs, spider veins can also cause aching, heaviness, itching, and night cramps. Certain factors contribute to the development of spider veins, including heredity, age, pregnancy, hormonal factors, weight gain, prolonged sitting or standing, and trauma to the area.


Sometimes spider veins can be treated cosmetically, but sometimes they are a sign of a deeper problem called Superficial Venous Insufficiency, the same problem that leads to varicose veins. In that case, a thorough diagnostic workup will be recommended.



With sclerotherapy, we inject a special solution directly into the vein using a fine needle. The solution shrinks the veins and causes the blood to be redirected to other veins. The sealed-off veins are eventually absorbed by the body. Depending on the individual, we may also use ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy. Though patients may require several treatments, sessions are quick and the patient can return to his or her normal activities immediately afterward.

Excel V™ by Cutera®

Cutera’s Excel V is a laser that uses heat to cause the vein walls of abnormal vessels to collapse, seal shut and disappear.  Its unique high-powered green laser light is absorbed by abnormal blood vessels in the skin, ultimately restoring normal skin tone and color. It also incorporates the latest innovations in cooling technologies to ensure patient comfort.

Are you ready to get your life back? Well, we’re ready to help. Reach out today and get started.