Vivid Vascular Achieves IAC® Accreditation
Vivid Vascular provides patients with the highest quality vascular care – whether that’s through our state-of-the-art cath lab and vascular surgery suite, or staying abreast of the newest treatments and equipment.
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Vivid Vascular Achieves IAC® Accreditation

IAC® Accreditation

Vivid Vascular Achieves IAC® Accreditation

AVENTURA and KENDALL, Florida—Vivid Vascular, South Florida’s premier vein and vascular practice, proudly announces the achievement of its accreditation certificate from the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission® (IAC®). A nationally recognized accrediting organization, medical professionals founded the IAC® to advance appropriate utilization, standardization, and quality of diagnostic imaging and intervention-based procedures. For over 30 years, the IAC has offered medical accreditation to facilities within the U.S. and Canada to support its mission of improving healthcare through accreditation®. 

Brianna Molina, Vivid Vascular’s Technical Director, and a registered vascular technologist with over 10 years of experience, was instrumental in obtaining the remote, online accreditation. She graduated from Nova Southeastern University and went on to work at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. After 11 years with Mount Sinai she moved down to Miami and joined the Vivid Vascular team.

“Ensuring top-notch care for every patient, regardless of age, is our priority at Vivid Vascular,” says Dr. Adam S. Gropper, Board-Certified Interventional Radiologist and Founder of Vivid Vascular. “Achieving IAC® accreditation represents a seal of approval, guaranteeing our consistent adherence to the highest standards. We take pride in combining the latest technology with a caring, compassionate, patient-centric attitude to provide the best care throughout Miami and South Florida. The ability to provide this level of consistency is truly satisfying. Many thanks to our ultrasonographer Brianna Molina, for taking the lead on this vital accomplishment.”

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About Vivid Vascular

Vivid Vascular is a boutique-style medical facility dedicated to diagnosing and treating medical and cosmetic vascular disorders. We offer a comprehensive approach to treating a broad range of vascular conditions, including the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technology.

Vivid Vascular is the creation of Dr. Adam Gropper, MD, President of North Beach Radiology Associates and Chief of Radiology at the Jackson Health System Community Hospitals. He has performed thousands of procedures on diseased arteries and veins in hospitals. Unlike the hospital environment, Vivid Vascular is a calm, soothing environment where the doctor and staff focus their complete attention on each patient’s needs.

About the IAC®

The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission® (IAC) is a nonprofit, nationally recognized accrediting organization. The IAC was founded by medical professionals to advance appropriate utilization, standardization, and quality of diagnostic imaging, interventional and therapeutic procedures. The IAC programs for accreditation are dedicated to quality improvement and patient safety, and all support one common company mission: Improving health care through accreditation®. Since its inception in 1991, the IAC has granted accreditation to more than 14,000 sites.

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